Unleashing the Power of the Circular Economy & Driving Positive Impact: 8.9 Million+ Items Donated!

Nov 27, 2023
Renee BarkerDirector of Nonprofits and Partnerships

LiquiDonate is the first and only software tech solution to seamlessly match and move inventory to nonprofits, schools, and other upcycling innovators advancing a circular economy.


Through our platform and self-serve offerings, companies can easily donate customer-returned goods and any excess inventory to the 3,500+ nonprofits and schools in our circularity partnership network. 

As we celebrate our 2 year anniversary, we’re reflecting on the amazing milestones the LiquiDonate team has achieved:

  • 8,958,764 items donated
  • 50 signed clients
  • 50 states with donations available

Each of these donations reached folks in need, whether it was a teacher receiving more school supplies, a community center adding to their game collection, sweet treats provided to food distribution efforts, or furniture for the home of a new refugee family. Nonprofit organizations across all states can access our tech solution for free as we continue to work with partner retailers and brands to make goods accessible. Together, we are supporting the variety of organizations that improve our communities to be better for all.


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