Easily access free items for your nonprofit

LiquiDonate makes it easy for nonprofits to get free items from businesses and retailers. So far, we've helped businesses donate over five million items to nonprofits—and we're just getting started.

Why use LiquiDonate?


Make your money go further. LiquiDonate is free, so you can allocate your donated money to more critical parts of your nonprofit.


Get matched with items you need—instantly. This way, you can spend your time on other, more important, tasks.


Save time, money, and headaches with hurdle-free access to the items your nonprofit needs.

How it works

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Create an account on our easy-to-use platform in a matter of minutes.

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Fill out a short form to let us know which products your nonprofit needs.

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Relax as we connect with the retailer that offers the free item to arrange pickup or delivery.

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Congratulations! You can now enjoy your new, free item and put it to good use. It's that simple and fast.

The easiest way to get free items for your nonprofit

We support nonprofit groups, philanthropic organizations, charitable foundations, or any other agency that provides aid and assistance.