Celebrating Room & Board's Sustainability Impact

Apr 22, 2024
Nicole BroseDirector of Marketing

Discover how Room & Board surpassed their 2025 waste diversion goal ahead of schedule, achieving an impressive 83% reduction in operational waste. Join LiquiDonate in celebrating this sustainability milestone and learn how strategic partnerships and innovative solutions are shaping a more eco-conscious future.


At LiquiDonate, we're thrilled to celebrate a remarkable achievement alongside one of our partners, Room & Board. Their recent accomplishment of reaching their 2025 waste diversion goal two years ahead of schedule is a testament to their unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

Room & Board's sustainability commitment exemplifies how retailers can make a tangible difference in the world. Through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches, they've diverted an impressive 83% of operational waste from the waste stream, surpassing their initial goal of 75% by 2025.

As a proud partner of Room & Board, LiquiDonate is honored to have played a role in its sustainability success story. Our platform provides a vital tool for Room & Board to efficiently donate surplus products from their warehouses to nonprofits, schools, and circular economy partners across the country.

We hope Room & Board's achievement inspires other brands striving to reach ambitious sustainability goals. By leveraging partnerships and embracing innovative solutions like LiquiDonate, businesses can accelerate their journey toward a more sustainable future.

We commend Room & Board for their dedication and vision, and we're excited to continue supporting them on their sustainability journey. Check out the full report here.


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