Revealing the Truth: What Retailers Truly Do with Returns and How LiquiDonate Offers a Sustainable Solution

May 16, 2024
Renee BarkerDirector of Nonprofits and Partnerships

In the intricate web of retail, returns often weave a complex tale, impacting not just the bottom line but also environmental sustainability.


Did you know that an astonishing 80% of returns end up in landfills, costing retailers a staggering $816 billion annually? Let's unravel the mystery behind what retailers really do with returns and explore how LiquiDonate emerges as a beacon of sustainability in this landscape.

In an ideal scenario, returned items would be reintegrated into circulation after being sent back to retailers. Items are not wasted and retailers have another chance to sell them. To accomplish this, retailers may operate returns processing centers to streamline reverse logistics. However, the costs associated with shipping, the sheer volume of returns, and the need for meticulous inspection and refurbishment, present significant logistical and financial challenges. Returns processing may not be financially practical for all items, so not all returns are actually processed. Sadly, a considerable portion of returned merchandise meets its demise in landfills, a faster and cheaper solution that exacerbates environmental concerns and represents a substantial financial loss for retailers.

Recognizing the social and environmental impacts of returns, some retailers opt to donate surplus inventory to charitable organizations. With 80% of returns destined for landfills, donation partnerships offer a sustainable alternative, redirecting usable goods to those in need.

In light of these challenges, LiquiDonate is a transformative solution. By partnering with retailers to redirect surplus inventory to nonprofits, LiquiDonate mitigates waste while fostering social impact. Through this collaborative approach, LiquiDonate helps retailers recoup costs by facilitating tax receipts for their donations, align with corporate social responsibility initiatives, and bolster brand reputation.

With statistics revealing the staggering costs and environmental toll of traditional returns management, the need for sustainable solutions has never been more pressing. LiquiDonate offers retailers a viable path toward mitigating waste, supporting communities, and enhancing corporate sustainability efforts. Join LiquiDonate in reshaping the future of retail returns—one donation at a time.


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