Move your unsellable items
and keep them out of landfills, and
save money.

Are you a retailer, brand, or business that has overstocked inventory?

LiquiDonate provides the simplest donation method for retailers, businesses, downsizing organizations, and anyone with excess items.


How it works

You're stuck with unsellable items

LiquiDonate makes moving your excess inventory or retail returns simple: We match your items with nonprofits, schools, or circular economy players.

You list your excess items on our platform

To get started, simply provide us with a CSV of items, and we’ll take it from there. Alternatively, integrate your POS systems with our Donation as a Service API, and automatically list items on our platform.

We find local matches for your goods

Our Matching Algorithm finds local nonprofits, schools, or circular economy players in need of your goods. We let you know when someone claims your items on our website.

We handle your donation pickup

When someone claims your items, we coordinate all fulfillment logistics with them, including pickup and delivery—you simply say ‘so long’ to your items.

Your goods go to a good home—or school or nonprofit

Congratulations! Your goods avoided the landfill, met others’ needs, helped build brand loyalty, and you saved money by choosing LiquiDonate.

Why use LiquiDonate?


Save money on labor, packaging, shipping and taxes


Access the largest networks of nonprofits & schools


Meet your company's sustainability & social impact goals


See where your items go and how they make a difference


Donate from anywhere within minutes

Turn your unsold inventory into donations



Pay as you go with discounts on yearly Contracts

Up to 1,000



1,000 to 5,000






For more information, please contact us at retail@liquidonate.com