LiquiDonate Officially Certified as a Green Business

Apr 19, 2023
Dan CooperDirector of Operations

LiquiDonate, an innovative tech start-up whose proprietary API enables retailers to donate returns and excess inventory to local nonprofits.


LiquiDonate is officially certified as a California Green Business Partner. This milestone further solidifies LiquiDonate's commitment to sustainability, resource conservation, and landfill diversion.

Founded in 2021 by two ex-Postmates employees, LiquiDonate has been instrumental in diverting waste from landfills by facilitating the donation of tens of thousands items with an estimated retail value of over $1 million, to local nonprofits. As of April 2023, LiquiDonate’s has registered non-profits from all 50 states into its matching database. Amongst its most unique donations, LiquiDonate has matched:

Each year, 6 billion pounds of waste is generated through returns. 80% of retail returns end up in the landfill, while the other 20% go into costly, inefficient, and often wasteful liquidation processes. To date, LiquiDonate has diverted hundreds of thousands of pounds of material from landfills.

"We are thrilled to be recognized as a Certified Green Business,” said Diz Petit, Founder and CEO of LiquiDonate. “This certification not only validates our efforts to create a more sustainable future, but it also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve."

The California Green Business Program is a network of local programs aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses grow in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The program provides free technical assistance to help businesses implement practices that lead to cost savings in energy, water, and waste management.

To learn more about LiquiDonate and its mission to create a sustainable, socially responsible future for retailers, businesses, and nonprofits, visit


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