This Water Brand’s Major Donation Sparked LiquiDonate’s Biggest Donation Match Yet

Jan 26, 2023
Dan CooperDirector of Operations

Some companies are thirsty for unlimited growth. Others thirst for growth and to make a difference—and to “murder thirst.” At least that’s how Liquid Death, one of the fastest-growing non-alcoholic beverage brands, sees it.


"Liquid Death is about killing plastic pollution, but we're also about giving back to the community. Our water is cool, but so is helping people,” says Lance Blair of Liquid Death.

Amid soaring growth, Liquid Death has stayed true to its roots to stamp out single-use plastic bottles and instead can its water, reducing items sent to the landfill. As its mission aligns with LiquiDonate’s aim of keeping goods in circulation and out of the ground, we knew Liquid Death was the perfect partner for a donation match.

That’s why, when Liquid Death donated 20 pallets of water to nine Toronto nonprofits, LiquiDonate saw a prime opportunity to match the like-minded company’s generous donation.

LiquiDonate was proud to match Liquid Death’s donation and to send 36,960 cans of water to these stellar nonprofits making measurable impacts in and around Toronto.

“We really are thankful to the LiquiDonate team for supporting the Uniquest Food Bank in Canada,” says Sai Dham Food Bank.

Each nonprofit was excited for the donation, but especially The Compass Food Bank & Outreach Centre, a non-profit serving thousands of people in south Mississauga who are experiencing food insecurity and homelessness. Much like Liquid Death, The Compass has seen significant growth recently, albeit in a different way.

In 2022 alone, the non-profit distributed 705,278 pounds of food and hygiene products to those in need—a 65% increase compared to 2021 and a staggering 178% increase in new families in 2022 added to their client-base that were served during 2021.

“It’s thanks to companies like LiquiDonate that we’re able to continue to serve those in need. Our clients are very appreciative of the pallets of water we received in 2022,” says The Compass.

LiquiDonate was proud to match Liquid Death’s donation and to contribute to these nonprofits’ efforts of serving those in need in the Toronto area.


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