How a Major Fintech Company’s Donation Helped a Bay Area Nonprofit Elevate Its Space

Mar 2, 2023
Dan CooperDirector of Operations

A generous donation came from fintech giant Affirm, whose purpose is not solely to “improve the lives of consumers, but also the communities they serve.”


Changemakers see the world not as it is, but how it could (and should) be. And, for more than 20 years, Alameda Point Collaborative (APC) has been changing lives by providing housing and services to homeless families and individuals on the decommissioned Alameda Naval Air Station in the Bay Area.

Since 1999, APC has transformed the space, making it a much more inviting area to teach residents on-the-job training and critical life skills such as communication, time management and accountability. But with time and money closely dedicated to keeping its three enterprises—a two-acre urban farm, a retail plant nursery, and a commercial kitchen—running smoothly, APC is acutely aware of how expensive buying new items to fuel its efforts can be. 

“We recently received a donation of high boy tables, benches, a rolling cart, and a graffiti print from LiquiDonate which will go in our multi-purpose room for when our trainees host events and serve the food they have prepared. In the past, we’ve rented these items because purchasing them was cost prohibitive,” says Suzanne Martin, Director of Fund Development & Community Outreach at APC.

The generous donation came from fintech giant Affirm, whose purpose, according to Chelsee Warneke of Affirm, is not solely to “improve the lives of consumers, but also the communities they serve.” While the company’s mission is to deliver honest financial products, sustainability is central, too.

“Sustainability is a key component of our work and LiquiDonate is a critical partner in advancing our efforts. Together, we are ensuring our excess items are put to good use in local nonprofits, schools, and businesses in need, rather than ending up in landfills,” Chelsee says. 

Thanks to Affirm’s donation and LiquiDonate’s coordination and delivery logistics, APC was able to quickly and easily claim their goods on LiquiDonate’s Free Marketplace. Now, APC has more essential equipment in its 600-square-foot, fully equipped kitchen to teach residents about nutrition, cooking, safety, and sustainability—sprinkled with other important life lessons such as collaboration and trust.

And Suzanna is excited about what that means for APC and its residents. “We are thrilled to own the beautiful tables and benches and our residents are happy to enjoy the space. Thank you, Affirm! And thank you, LiquiDonate!” 


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