Wishlists: Grow Your Donor Network With LiquiDonate’s Newest Feature

Jul 12, 2023
Chai NadigFounder, CTO

With the Wishlists feature on the Nonprofit dashboard, nonprofits can specify what items they want donated.


Nonprofits need a simple and effective way to communicate their needs with potential donors. That’s why LiquiDonate is proud to announce Wishlists, a new feature that makes it easier to give your supporters an easy and accessible way to donate what you need most.

So, how’s it work? Nonprofits can easily create and maintain their Wishlists on their LiquiDonate profiles and seamlessly share them with existing and potential donors, enabling nonprofits of all sizes and spaces to connect with a larger audience.

Wishlists give donors a clear view into what nonprofits need most, and can accelerate the donation process reducing back-and-forth communication to determine needs, giving nonprofits more time and resources to do what matters most: engage their local communities.

Wishlists Help Fill a Significant Donation Gap

We know that nonprofits must stretch their budgets to make the most impact and, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more nonprofits face funding challenges than ever before. The Nonprofit Finance Fund found that 60% of nonprofits face destabilizing conditions that threaten their long-term financial stability. Now, more than ever, nonprofits must maximize their donor outreach.

Wishlists—and LiquiDonate as a whole—can help nonprofits easily source high-quality goods that contribute to the stability of their operations and missions in their communities. And the timing couldn’t be better for nonprofits facing technology barriers. According to a 2020 Salesforce survey, 85% of nonprofits say technology is important to their long-term success, but just 23% have a long-term strategy or vision for how they will use technology.

Nonprofits need staff proficient in the systems required to support data-driven decision-making and to provide services at lower costs and greater scale. LiquiDonate can be a significant piece of their technology solutions. As a powerful technology tool for nonprofits to gain access to high quality overstock, returns, and donated items from both retailers and individuals in their communities, LiquiDonate helps donors take the guesswork out of giving—and helps nonprofits expand their presence in their local communities.

Simply put, LiquiDonate’s Wishlist features makes it easy for nonprofits to show donors what they need most, and gives donors an equally simple way to provide much-needed donations.

See how simple and effective Wishlists can be. Sign up or login to your LiquiDonate account to create your Wishlist today, and grow your donor network with ease.


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