LiquiDonate: A Solution to Surplus in Every Way

Oct 12, 2023
Diz PetitFounder, CEO

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the stuff that is brought into a convention center to transform it for a 2-3 day event?


Most conferences leave behind a trail of trash after their events are done and their temporarily set up needs to be taken down. Luckily, the LiquiDonate team comprises waste experts and sustainability nerds with prior experience with this issue. They saw where our Donation-as-a-Service software solution could help find a purpose for the surplus inventory.

You might be familiar with LiquiDonate as a means to redirect surplus products from retailers, whether in boxes, pallets, or individual customer returns, to nonprofits and schools across the country, but why stop there?

We recently partnered with the Dreamforce and Workday Rising conferences in San Francisco, CA to help them match and move thousands of items that were in new and like-new condition to nonprofits and schools within the local community.

The San Francisco Chronicle regularly reported on the conferences and their influence on the city. In one of their articles focusing on donations, author Chase DiFeliciantonio stated.

"A pair of thrones. Giant beanbag chairs. A karaoke machine. What do they have in common? After mega-conferences like Salesforce’s Dreamforce and Workday Rising whirl through town, they leave in their wake untold amounts of what can only be described as leftover stuff. LiquiDonate is offering a fix for what to do with those leftovers, collecting items that might otherwise be sent to landfills and rerouting them to classrooms, homes and nonprofits in desperate need of supplies across the Bay Area. Dreamforce, the city’s largest annual conference, had a spillover of hundreds of boxes including rugs, office supplies and the outdoorsy-themed decorations the event is known for", said Diz Petit, co-founder and CEO of LiquiDonate.

LiquiDonate is gearing up to support the next conference with GreenBiz and their VERGE 23 event, hailed as the climate tech event of the year. Curious about how you can obtain donation boxes for your upcoming conference? Get in touch with our Sales team for more details here .

Read the full article from the SF Chronicle here and contact LiquiDonate about your upcoming conference donations at today!


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