Introducing Magic Matches from LiquiDonate

Sep 19, 2023
Chai NadigFounder, CTO

Online returns destined for the landfill have met their match—literally. Magic Matches, LiquiDonate’s innovative API, connects customers’ returns directly with nonprofits that have signed up for the seamless service, and it’s super easy to use.


How LiquiDonate’s Magic Matches API Works

Retailers that have chosen to work with LiquiDonate can simply donate their customer returns. Customers simply print a return label and mail the item just as they would a traditional return. Retailers no longer have to worry about costly return shipping, processing, restocking, transiting, and landfilling fees piling up and eating into their bottom lines. With Magic Matches, online returns escape the warehouse-to-landfill pipeline and instead find a second life in the hands of community members in need.

Simply put, Magic Matches:

  • Saves retailers money and reduces return fraud
  • Enables customers to support nonprofits
  • Keeps items out of landfills

Nonprofits receive a daily email updating them on their items' transit and delivery status.

Magic Matches Supports Nonprofits Nationwide

Magic Matches isn't bound by state borders. Like LiquiDonate's nationwide nonprofit network, Magic Matches is available in every U.S. state, ensuring that nonprofits from Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Maine, and everywhere in between, have access to much-needed items.

And just as diversity strengthens our communities, Magic Matches provides an equally diverse range of items to serve nonprofits' unique missions. For example, one recent Magic Match led a Pillow Cube customer’s return to the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center in Twin Falls, ID. The Center resettles legally accepted refugees and offers a variety of programs to help refugees create the best lives possible in the United States. LiquiDonate is proud to play a small role in supporting the Center's and hundreds of other nonprofits' missions through Magic Matches.

Sign Up for Magic Matches and Get the Items Your Nonprofit Needs

It’s never been easier for nonprofits to find and receive the free items needed to further their missions. With Magic Matches, these items are just one customer return away. 

Ready to get started with Magic Matches or want to learn more? Let’s chat and get your nonprofit the items it deserves. 


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