Driving Impact through Collaboration in New York City

Dec 7, 2023
Renee BarkerDirector of Nonprofits and Partnerships

As a Pledge 1% Builder, we are thrilled to be among companies taking the lead in embedding social impact into the structure of business.


Builders are invitation-only members of the Pledge 1% community that provide insight as advisors, financial supporters, and thought leaders in the social impact space to the wider network of companies.

This Giving Tuesday, we gathered in New York City to join Pledge 1% companies to convene on topics to push social impact forward, measure and report accurately for transparency and accountability, and navigate sustainability challenges across our different industries.

“We greatly enjoy being a part of a group that shares wins, challenges, and learnings so that we can all do better. As our pledges transform into actions, we can make a huge collective impact in our communities around the world.” - Dan Cooper, Director of Operations

LiquiDonate Directors Dan Cooper and Renee Barker at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square, New York City

A trip to New York would not be complete without our company tradition of volunteering with one of the 3,500+ nonprofit organizations in our circularity partners network. The Campaign Against Hunger empowers New Yorkers to lead healthier, more productive, and self-sufficient lives by increasing access to safe, nutritious food and related resources. Their impactful work addresses food insecurity, economic inequality, and health disparities in New York City through food distribution, urban farms, workshops, youth programs, social services, and more.

“So many of our nonprofit partners work tirelessly to make a positive difference. I am grateful for the opportunity for us to be a small part of this collective effort and commitment to making our communities better places to live." - Renee Barker, Director of Circularity Partnerships

As we deepen our knowledge and connections with other leaders, we look forward to continuing our progress toward transformative change and maximizing positive impact with all of our partners.


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