Celebrating Women-Led Wednesday

Nov 22, 2023
Renee BarkerDirector of Nonprofits and Partnerships

LiquiDonate, a woman-led tech company, is excited to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in business, entrepreneurship, and leadership in our communities. Women-Led Wednesday is an annual holiday to lift up women-led brands.


Back in 2015, McKinsey & Company found businesses that were more gender-diverse were likely to outperform approximately 15% above the industry median. Years later in 2020, they found that the percentage had increased to 25%. -- WomenLedWednesday.com

When we support women leaders, we advance innovation and economic growth as an investment in a vital portion of our economy. Empowering women in leadership positions leads to more inclusive decision-making and better outcomes for businesses and society.

Within S&P companies, women are only 25% of executive and senior-level officials and managers, only 20% of board seats, and only 6% of CEOs. -- WomenLedWednesday.com

Check out these women-led brands that have joined the circular economy with LiquiDonate:

  1. Verloop: More color, less waste. Playful, feel-good knits for you and your home.
  2. Kat the Label: Our purpose is to lace women everywhere with confidence & comfort through our fiercely feminine lingerie styles.
  3. Yuuma Collection: Yuuma was born through the desire to continue serving mothers. Explore our minimalist yet functional diaper bags and more.
  4. Baloo Living: Baloo is an eco-friendly, luxury weighted blanket made with lead-free glass beads and materials certified to be free of all toxic and harmful chemicals.

Continuing to uplift and celebrate women-led businesses and organizations is essential for a more equitable and prosperous future. Be sure to also read our blog featuring women-led nonprofit organizations within the LiquiDonate network.

Happy #WOMENLEDWEDNESDAY to all in the LiquiDonate community!


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